About us

Welcome to MiGreet – the greetings service from Swanbay located at http://www.migreet.com.

From this site – and for free – you can send greetings to your families, friends, lover(s), partners, peers, business contacts and anyone else with whom you want to keep in contact with, thank, encourage or impress.

You can send cards to someone via email, via What’s App© or via SMS to their PC or phone. Don’t worry about what they will use to view it – we detect whether they have a PC, a tablet, a smartphone, a feature phone or even a featureless phone – and we present the greeting accordingly.

Some cards even have a ‘scratch panel’ where the recipient can wipe the screen to reveal the greeting. Try doing that with a conventional card! Of course, if their phone can’t do this swiping, we show them something else that they can use instead.

Don’t forget to bookmark this site – you will need it often.

Also, soon we will have Apps for IOS & Android. We’ll let you know when these are available.

Finally, you might think you can improve on our efforts – either the images or the text used in our MiGreets. Don’t be shy – send us your suggestions to suggest@migreet.com. If we use them, we’ll credit you on the site.

Finally, don’t forget to check out our Terms & Conditions, and Privacy Policy. Any questions, email support@migreet.com. Also, visit our main web site at http://www.swanbay.tv for more great services.